pdynmc version 0.9.4

Minor update in which package DESCRIPTION, CITATION, and documentation is adjusted and two further package vignettes are added.

new vignettes:

01_pdynmc-intro 02_pdynmc_introLong *03_pdynmc-in-a-nutshell

pdynmc version 0.9.3

Minor update of version 0.9.2 that fixes minor bugs in estimation function and helper functions for setting up instrument and weighting matrix; additionally, coefficient path plots are added to the plot method and existing plot methods are adjusted.



pdynmc version 0.9.2

Minor update of version 0.9.1 that adds additional functionality for setting up the instrument matrix and adjusts the instrument count displayed by the summary function.



pdynmc version 0.9.1

Minor update of version 0.9.0 that fixes a bug in the estimation function, adjusts matrix calculations to achieve minor speed improvements, and robustifies general linear hypothesis testing functionality.



pdynmc version 0.9.0

Update of version 0.8.0 that includes visualizations for fitted model objects (coefficient-range plots for two-step and iterated estimation and plots of fitted values vs. residuals) and panel data structure

functions for exploratory analysis of panel data added

generic functions added

methods added