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Indrajeet Patil


Additional vignettes

Due to constraints on the size of the R package, all available vignettes are only available on the website for this package:

Vignettes for individual functions

General vignettes


In addition to these vignettes, another quick way to get an overview of this package is to go through the following slides:

Components of ggstatsplot

To make the maintenance and development of ggstatsplot more manageable, it is being broken into smaller pieces. Currently, the package internally relies on the following packages that manage different aspects of statistical analyses:


The statsExpressions package forms the statistical backend that processes data and creates dataframes and expressions containing results from statistical tests.

For more exhaustive documentation for this package, see:


The pairwiseComparisons package forms the pairwise comparison backend for creating results that are used to display post hoc multiple comparisons displayed in ggbetweenstats and ggwithinstats functions.

For more exhaustive documentation for this package, see:

Other resources

Few other people have also written about ggstatsplot and its usage in their workflows: (


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions/remarks, please file an issue on GitHub: