CRAN version R-CMD-check

CruzPlot is an R package that contains a GUI for creating maps, plotting data, and performing basic data summaries from data files in the “DAS” format produced by WinCruz.


You can install the released version of CruzPlot from CRAN with:


You can install the developmental version of CruzPlot from GitHub. To use the development version of CruzPlot, it is recommended to install the development version of swfscDAS as well:

# install.packages("remotes") # Install remotes package if needed
remotes::install_github("smwoodman/swfscDAS", build_vignettes = TRUE)

After updating CruzPlot, it is recommended to create and save new workspaces, rather than using workspaces saved with a previous version of CruzPlot. Please contact the developer if you have any issues.

Running CruzPlot

To open and run CruzPlot, run the following code in RStudio:


If text or images overlap within the CruzPlot window, you can make the browser window full screen or adjust the text size in your browser (e.g., Ctrl - minus (‘-’) on Windows systems)

CruzPlot manual

The CruzPlot manual can be downloaded at this link, or accessed when running CruzPlot by opening the “CruzPlot Manual” page. It is recommended for new users to read the first two pages of the manual for orientation purposes; the rest of the manual contains section-specific information (formatting requirements, etc.) and can be read on an as-needed basis.